We aim to provide and create a wide range of activities, within a safe and secure environment enabling residents to lead a rewarding and fulfilling life as they wish.

All of our communal areas are designed in order to provide spaces for people to socialise and enjoy others company. We also consider that family and friends are very important, and as such we provide spaces for residents to entertain and be entertained.

We have a social calendar of events inside and outside of the home, much of the praise we get regarding our care is about the social aspects we foster and encourage. The following is available to participate in: Holy Communion; Musical Entertainment; Reminiscence, Chair Aerobics. Creative writing group, staff based activates and the local U3A use the home as a meeting facility.

Shopping and a visit to the library can be organised. Your choice of daily newspaper and magazines are distributed along with post during the morning.

The Old Vicarage Care Home garden